…there’s never enough time…

    …I don’t have time for myself…

        …I can’t find time to rest or exercise—I’m just overwhelmed…

Can you relate? We have all experienced something similar at one point in our lives. When we get caught up in daily routines, stress and commitments, our lives don’t flow with ease.

When your life has an easy flow, it is peaceful, purposeful and light and you are then a magnet for good health, love, creativity and success.

Actually, each one of your days can flow with ease when you allow all 24 hours of each day to follow a specific rhythm. This is where the Power of One-Third resides.

What is the Power of One-Third?

The Power of One-Third reconnects you with life at a slower pace, your higher purpose and love for family and people around you.

The Power of One-Third invites you to live your day in three eight-hour long periods:

One-Third for Sleep

One-Third for Work

One-Third for Me

The “Me” segment is divided into three parts as well:

One-Third for Family and Friends

One-Third for Service

One-Third for Service

One-Third for Me


When you commit to doing this program, your journey will follow a spiral path from your outer individual life to your inner soul life.


Step into the path of the Power of One-Third, get excited, commit to a new way of sleeping, working, loving and living and begin to experience your New You in as little as 21 days! The program is simple but it requires your daily commitment. I invite you to plan your weeks using the Power of One-Third. Use each new idea for a week. Reflect on it. Then continue your journey week by week while accumulating new habits.

    Life is a story you write as you go…

How Does the Power Of One-Third Program Work?

You start on a Sunday. Find at least 10 minutes, ideally the same time each week to read the material for the week. Plan how you will incorporate small changes during the week and just do it. I suggest getting a journal instead of using your iPhone or computer to keep your reflections on how it is going. After a few weeks, it will become obvious why I am asking you to use paper and not electronic devices. For now, use a journal, paper, pencil or pen (colored pencils are great). Here is an example of your week starting on Sunday:
• Commit to starting on Sunday
• Read the instructions for the given week
• Do it every day of the week
• Reflect and take notes every day
• Next Sunday, read the instructions for the next week
• Repeat the process.
Don’t drop the previous weeks’ changes. At the end of the year, in 52 weeks, you will create a new life for yourself…one little step at a time.

Does It Really Work?

If you allow yourself to follow the year-long Power of One-Third journey, your life will be transformed. By the end of the year, you will realize that you have started a beautiful process, which allows you to be open to:
• New ideas
• New practices
• New people
• And a new way of relating to the worlds beyond what your senses present to you.

I know personally that if you follow the Power of One-Third:
• You will have a stronger immune system, great energy, good mood, and you’ll feel and look  better
• You will find more success at work
• Your relationships will get better
• And you will create a more peaceful and more positive environment around you.

About Mariola Strahlberg

I spent two decades of my life in the corporate information technology world. That meant crazy hours, high stress, unhealthy diet, and difficult relationships.

It was a long time ago.

For the past two decades I have had a private acupuncture practice. It is filled with meaningful interactions with people, meaningful work, a healthy diet and my own schedule. This has allowed me to live a healthy lifestyle.

This experience of living life at the two extremes enabled me to create the Power of One-Third program that you are reading about. In order to support you on your journey, I offer you these self-guided weekly chapters.

Try them and if you would like to explore more, I also offer individual coaching, support calls, and private retreats. Reach out with any questions by emailing me at mariola@powerofonethird.com or call me at 518-672-7093.

To learn more about my work, visit shiningmtnforkids.com.

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